David Davidovich Burliuk (1882-1967)

David Davidovich Burliuk

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David Burliuk, a Ukrainian avant-garde artist, book illustrator, publicist, and author associated with Russian Futurism, was born on July 21, 1882 in Semyrotivka.  He was born into a privileged class of Russian society.  In 1898 Burliuk studied at the Kazan School of Fine Arts.  He then went on to study in Odessa, Moscow, at the Munich Art Academy, and in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux Arts.  During World War I Burliuk left Russia and traveled for four years to Siberia, Japan, and the South Seas. 

David Davidovich Burliuk met poet and graphic artist Vladimir Mayakovsky, with whom he endorsed the Futurist Manifesto “A Box on the Ears for the Public Taste” in 1912.  This demanded art for Russia that was independent of Europe and drew on Russian tradition.  From 1912 to 1913, Burliuk took part in the “Blauer Reiter” in Munich, where he showed his work at the first German Autumn Salon.  In 1922 he was given the opportunity of presenting Russian art at a group show at the Van Diemen Gallery in Berlin.
In 1922 he moved to the States and settled on Long Island.  From here he continued to work as a painter and writer on art until his death in 1967.

His paintings started from a personal approach to Impressionism, and then went on to Fauvism and Neo-Primitivism.  Burliuk blended traditional folk art with analytical Cubist influences during his Cubo-Futurist phase blended traditional folk art analytical Cubist influences.  This period was followed by a series of Symbolist pictures informed by a philosophy of history.  David Davidovich Burliuk’s work range from neo-primitive paintings to peasant life in Russia, and futurist depictions of South Sea fishermen.  He developed his “radio style”, which involved symbolism, neo-primitivism, and expressionism, while living in the United States.

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